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Cyber TSCM – Cyber Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Our enhanced Cyber TSCM surveys bridge the gap between traditional espionage and cyber espionage attacks.

The number of cyber-attacks has gathered pace over the past few years and many are being used for eavesdropping purposes. It is imperative that organisations consider both traditional eavesdropping attacks and cyber-attack techniques if they are to protect their most sensitive of information from illicit eavesdropping. This is particularly true of environments prone to both types of attacks such as IT server rooms, telephone exchanges and data centres.

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What are the risks?

Cyber eavesdropping attacks come in many guises. Mediums such as Wi-Fi can provide a source for “man-in-the-middle” attacks, whereby attackers mimic Wi-Fi points which unsuspecting users then connect to. Bluetooth too has its vulnerabilities when it comes to eavesdropping. With a range often far greater than one might expect, your communications could be being intercepted from across the street.

And then there is the infrastructure of the environments themselves. How sure are you that your IT infrastructure has not been tampered with? Attackers could have added keyloggers to laptops and desktops, or tampered with network cabling, panel patches , switches or even the servers themselves.

With these types of IT intrusions on the increase, organisations need to ensure that they are not leaving themselves open to attack.

Our Cyber TSCM Approach

The focus of our enhanced Cyber TSCM survey is the detection and identification of data transmissions via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular breaches. Using the latest technologies, our engineers will be looking for anomalies across frequencies that suggest information egress as well as identifying rogue Wi-Fi and cellular sources and any Bluetooth vulnerabilities.

In addition, enhanced visual and physical search techniques are deployed to check the infrastructure to ensure that all potential hiding places, including cables, computers, switches, routers and power sources are covered. In-depth inspections of all patch panels and cable terminations will take place to ensure that no additional devices or cable splitters / splices are in use. End-to-end line tests on data cables are also conducted.

Cyber Espionage Response & Review

To complete the picture, we offer a cyber espionage response and review service, designed to investigate actual or the likelihood of possible digital cyber-attacks on your networks, email systems and mobile devices.

Whether you suspect computer systems or networks have been infected with malware or spyware, or you believe your emails or your mobile devices may be compromised, we will work with you to gain evidence of espionage activity using digital forensic analysis. Where evidence is found we will work with you to address the risk. We use our trusted partner to provide additional expertise and insight for our digital cyber forensic investigations and response services. For more information, please view our Cyber Espionage Response and Review page.

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