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Counter-Surveillance Services Overview

We specialise in providing end-to-end counter-surveillance solutions that address the issues of espionage, competitive intelligence gathering and theft of information and intellectual property.

We believe that it’s important for organisations and individuals to consider a holistic approach when dealing with the threat of espionage and as such, we will work with you to develop a cohesive counter-surveillance strategy.

20 years of counter surveillance

Our counter-surveillance services include:

TSCM / Bug Sweeping

Physical and technical inspections of designated areas using technically advanced equipment to identify all forms of eavesdropping attacks.

Cyber TSCM

Enhanced TSCM inspections that bridge the gap between traditional eavesdropping and cyber-attacks for the most sensitive of environments, including data centres and comms rooms.

Information Security Strategy

We work with you to identify appropriate ways in which all areas of security might work together to achieve greater protection of your confidential information whilst achieving improved efficiencies and a return on investment.

TSCM Equipment

We provide independent TSCM equipment advice, procurement and training that will enable you to provide an efficient TSCM capability that meets your individual requirements.

In Place Monitoring – 24/7 Countermeasures

Our 24/7 bug detector is designed to protect your confidential meetings from attack from illicit eavesdropping devices such as GSM bugs and mobile phones. Sitting passively and discreetly in the designated area, the IPMS continuously scans the area for signals from devices such as GSM bugs and mobile phones and then alerts you if something is detected.

Physical Penetration Testing

Assess the effectiveness of your organisation’s physical security processes and controls, enabling you to address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

TSCM Training

TSCM training courses and espionage awareness programmes that reduce the risk and ensure long term protection from espionage.

Covert Surveillance

We deliver bespoke covert surveillance services to businesses around the world, providing commercial organisations with hard evidence of a crime or fraudulent activity where suspicion already exists.

Shielded Rooms

Independent testing services to confirm the effectiveness of a rooms attenuation at preventing transmissions entering, plus Shielded Room consultancy.

Cyber Espionage Response & Review

Designed to investigate actual, or the likelihood of possible, cyber espionage incidents within your organisation enabling you to take informed action quickly and efficiently.

Electronmagnetic Egress Security Review

Designed to lower risk and make organisations and their critical information more secure, this review allows businesses to understand how vulnerable their premises are to loss of information or attack from opportunistic Radio Frequency (RF) interception.

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