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Transport Sector

The transportation industry is facing new and emerging challenges that are dramatically reshaping transportation priorities and needs. Improvements in environmental performance and streamlining of business models need to be made in order to survive increasing competition. Corporate espionage awareness is a must if organisations within the sector are to survive and thrive.

Espionage considerations for the Transport sector

The current business challenges facing the transportation industry derive from the impacts of major global and domestic trends. Global trends include climate change and changes in the cost of fuels and new technology. Domestic trends include changing demographics and lifestyle expectations, changes in land use patterns and limitations in current transportation finance methods.

More specifically, against the backdrop of global economic pressures, transportation businesses typically face day-to-day issues such as:

  • The ever-increasing demand to meet supply chain security initiatives
  • The need to protect company confidential information and assets
  • Constantly increasing requirements with environmental, security and sustainability issues
  • Addressing infrastructure issues and how they impact on logistics operations and security
  • Significant changes to Customs’ procedures throughout the European Union
  • Facing up to overly complex government legislation that impacts negatively on business

Our extensive experience in providing strategic board-level support to global corporations has helped many of our transport industry clients to realise the value of having peace of mind in outsourcing their business resilience planning to Esoteric.  Our clients are able to concentrate on core business activity, safe in the knowledge that the threat of attempted or actual attacks from competitors, criminals and terrorists has been minimised.

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