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Information security lies at the very heart of every legal profession. Lawyers have access to vast quantities of the most sensitive of client information including trade secrets, mergers and acquisitions, evidence of criminal or illegal activities and the identities of witnesses. Law firms have an obligation to keep client’s information confidential but increasingly law firms are being seen as ‘softer targets’ for the information thief.

Espionage considerations for the Legal sector

If a client, a large corporation for example, is a potential target, their security becomes stronger. As a result, perpetrators will go after that client’s external partners whose security may not be as secure as their own, which might include targeting their lawyers. As such the risk of espionage within law firms is considerable and increasing.

Esoteric Ltd can deliver a range of services that will help in reassuring legal practices and their clients that their information will remain confidential:

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) / Bug sweeping
Prior to meetings, your boardrooms, conference rooms and offices can be swept using the very latest, specialist search equipment and finger-tip physical searches, ensuring that environments are free from eavesdropping devices and hidden cameras.

In Place Monitoring System (IPMS), 24 hr Countermeasures
Real-time, permanent countermeasure sensors offer round-the-clock protection from eavesdropping for the most sensitive of meeting rooms. Often described as a burglar alarm for conversations, an IPMS can be installed into meeting rooms, boardrooms and offices and will alert if an illicit device is detected.

Live Monitoring
For the most sensitive of conversations, Live TSCM monitoring can be provided for the duration of meetings, events and conferences. Skilled TSCM engineers, present on location, would provide continuous live monitoring to detect whether any new devices have been introduced, or if something was transmitting that could compromise a meeting.

Espionage Awareness & Threat Briefings
Tailored to suit each client’s requirement, briefings will provide attendees with an understanding of the current threat from modern day espionage. Briefings will address the risks to the individual/organisation from espionage; how espionage is conducted and by whom; and will provide practical mitigation techniques.

Case Study

International Law Firm Chooses Innovative Counter Espionage Partner

The Challenge

This leading, international law firm contacted Esoteric after suspicious, light transmissions had been identified in one of its European offices. Concerned about the implications of a possible data breach, the law firm contacted Esoteric for advice.

The Solution

Esoteric’s Head of Technical Services, spoke directly with the client to understand the situation and their concerns, and recommended an immediate Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) sweep be conducted to provide them with the assurances they required. A TSCM team of engineers was deployed within 24 hours.

A detailed technical and physical search of the premises took place and whilst no illicit devices were detected within the premises themselves, a number of serious vulnerabilities were highlighted by the team. Esoteric made a number of recommendations that would support the organisation in developing an effective, longer-term counter espionage strategy. This included a range of solutions that would deliver sufficient flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs of the business around the world.

Periodic TSCM inspections were scheduled to coincide with important company events at strategic offices in the UK, Europe, Asia and America. In addition, bespoke training was provided to the company’s security and facilities personnel to enable them to carry out interim, short-notice physical searches in key areas in support of the periodic TSCM inspections carried out by Esoteric.

Espionage awareness briefings were provided to departmental managers, both in person and via teleconference. An educational campaign was also introduced to raise awareness amongst the wider staff population which took the form of roadshows and information desk-drops.

The Benefits

This multi-dimensional, layered approach provided greater protection to the organisation, whilst delivering improved efficiencies and a return on investment. The new in-house capability not only supported the organisation’s overall counter surveillance strategy, but provided the organisation with greater confidence to carry out business as usual. The strategy was reviewed quarterly to ensure that it was fit for purpose and aligned to the organisation’s objectives.

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