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Sectors & Case Studies

At Esoteric, we work with a diverse range of industry sectors to provide the counter-espionage advice they’re looking for. We’re already a trusted partner of a range of organisations, from SMEs to blue-chip companies and public-sector organisations around the world.


Whatever the size or nature of your operation, we’ll take the time to understand the issues you are facing and provide advice and recommendations that are both appropriate and proportionate to your needs. We’ll share our expertise to help find and deliver the ideal solution, whatever your requirement.

Here are just some of the sectors we work in:


IP-rich sectors are particularly vulnerable to espionage attacks, and few sectors hold the calibre of sensitive information that the defence sector does. As such, counter-surveillance considerations are an absolute necessity for those engaging within this sector.


Companies in the financial sector are often at the forefront of cyber and traditional espionage attacks. Our proven counter-surveillance strategies will support organisations in achieving their objectives whilst realising a Return on Investment.


With many executive and company meetings taking place offsite at hotel conference facilities, being able to promote a safe speech environment to clients is proving to be a real USP within the hospitality sector.


Law firms are susceptible to attempted corporate espionage, especially if they’re involved in controversial cases. It is not uncommon for parties to be trying to find out what the other side is thinking.


Taking an average of 10 years for new medicines to complete the journey from discovery to marketplace and costing in the region of $2.6 billion, it’s imperative that appropriate measures are taken by pharmaceutical organisations to protect confidential IP.


Telecoms companies form part of our Critical National Infrastructure and have been at the forefront of foreign attacks as these seek to undermine our systems and infiltrate our knowledge. To keep ahead of the competition and keep the attackers at bay, we’re seeing a stark increase in demand of our TSCM services within this sector.


With economic and climate pressures, the transport sector faces challenges with increased privatisation, competition and regulation. We can help to provide peace of mind against the threat of espionage, and the risks impacting business continuity.

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