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How to Protect Your Confidential
Information During Covid-19

The Covid-19 crisis is presenting many challenges for employers, owners and stakeholders, but one challenge which may not be immediately pressing but cannot be underestimated is ensuring the security of sensitive information.

As experts in counter-espionage and TSCM specialists, Esoteric are pleased to share practical advice and tips to help you to protect your information during the period of lockdown measures. There are two threats which are posed during this unique Covid-19 period: empty office spaces and sites and high levels of remote working.

The guide ‘Recommendations for empty offices & sites’ covers:

  • Important considerations to help prevent the planting of eavesdropping devices
  • How to search for and identify planted listening devices
  • What to do should a listening device be found.

Our guidance related to remote working is split into two guides.

The first ‘Information security protocols for remote workers’ is aimed at managers and those responsible for IT and Security, and it covers:

  • Considerations for controlling access to corporate systems
  • How to help staff to look after devices
  • How to offer IT and security support to staff remotely.

The second ‘How to work safely & securely from home’ is aimed at anyone who is working remotely, and it covers:

  • Security protocols to follow when working in the home
  • Specific guidance on using video conferencing
  • Increased dangers of phishing scams at this time.

As lockdown measures start to be eased around the world, Esoteric are pleased to present two further guides to help security professionals plan the return to the office and secure working environments on an ongoing basis as Covid-19 creates the need to adapt information confidentiality strategy as working practices evolve.

Security considerations post-lockdown explores:

  • Two key risks posed by the return to the office after a period of shutdown
  • Practical security protocol advice to help overcome these risks
  • How Esoteric services can give you confidentiality assurance.

Building an information confidentiality strategy for the ‘New Normal explores:

  • How to ensure your office spaces are secure post-lockdown
  • How to ensure remote home workers are working safely
  • What to do to mitigate against an increased insider threat at this time.

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