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Debugging Sweep Services

Esoteric offers professional debugging services to corporate clients and high-profile individuals who think they may be under surveillance.

Debugging, also called Technical Surveillance Countermeasures or bug sweeping, is the process of searching for illicit eavesdropping devices using specialist equipment and fingertip physical searches. Our discreet yet effective debugging service will detect, locate and remove any eavesdropping devices found, or provide you with reassurance that your premises have not been compromised and that your confidential and sensitive information will remain so.

Do I need a debugging service?

The threat from those wishing to steal information is real and there are many recent examples of this in the UK and elsewhere. In the UK, the sale of electronic surveillance devices or ‘bugs’ is estimated at about £10 million a year and in the US the FBI and the US Chamber of Commerce estimate that US companies lose about $2 billion a month as a result of corporate espionage.

Organisations and personnel face increasing levels of threat from terrorism, espionage, crime, single issues pressure groups and improper or corrupt behaviour by staff. If not dealt with, these threats pose a number of risks including regulatory, legal, financial and reputational.

Esoteric has been delivering professional and discreet debugging services for over 20 years. For full details on our debugging services, visit our TSCM page.

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