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TSCM Training & Espionage Awareness Briefings

Esoteric’s TSCM training courses and awareness briefings will enable you to establish policies, responsibilities, and requirements for the implementation of a comprehensive security strategy that will ultimately reduce your risks, ensuring long term protection from corporate espionage.

The best way an organisation can protect its proprietary information is by educating themselves and their employees about what their organisation holds valuable. If all employees understand what needs to be protected, they can better understand how and from whom to protect it.

We offer a range of training services designed to meet all our client needs, including espionage awareness briefings, threat briefings, TSCM Training and counter-espionage roadshows.

TSCM Training Instructor

Espionage awareness and threat briefings

Our espionage awareness and threat Briefings provide attendees with a full understanding of the current threat from modern day espionage. Tailored to suit each client’s requirements, and using real world examples, we regularly provide awareness and threat briefings to board members, senior managers, security personnel and travelling executives.

The sessions will address the risks to the individual and the organisation from espionage, how espionage is conducted and by whom, and will provide practical mitigation techniques that should be implemented in order to protect against espionage.

In addition, and often as a result of vulnerabilities identified during Physical Penetration Testing, we also conduct training with front of house staff (e.g. security officers / receptionist staff) who are tasked with protecting the organisations premises. Training will highlight issues that need to be addressed in order to minimise the facilitation of access into areas within the organisation’s premises that are restricted.

Corporate espionage roadshows

We can also deliver counter-espionage roadshows at client premises to raise awareness of corporate espionage among the wider staff population. These informal roadshows encourage employees to learn more about how they can protect their own and their employer’s information.

TSCM Training

Esoteric offer TSCM training courses. We can help you to train staff to be able to conduct physical inspections of your organisation, either as a standalone security measure or as an interim function to regular TSCM surveys. Alternatively we can equip you with the skills required to evaluate TSCM vulnerability reports.

We provide a variety of TSCM training options.

Our most popular option is a two-day introductory course entitled ‘Understanding Technical Surveillance Countermeasures’ which provides delegates with the ability to understand and carry out basic physical TSCM surveys. By understanding the principles of TSCM, delegates will be able to conduct interim or very short-notice searches of sensitive areas, in support of a wider counter-espionage strategy. This course is designed for those involved with security and TSCM operations, and is suitable for anyone with the responsibility for securing sensitive sites or information, or for conducting physical TSCM surveys within their organisation, as well as personnel tasked with employing the services of a third party to conduct TSCM surveys on their behalf.

Alternatively, if you want to take your Technical Surveillance Countermeasures skills to the next level and gain professional recognition as a TSCM operator, our five-day “TSCM Operator Training” course has been developed to deliver high-quality, accredited training to those wishing to enhance their TSCM skills. Accredited by Skills for Justice (pending), this five-day classroom and workshop based course will bring together ‘attack and defend’ techniques and practical, scenario-based sessions. The course will lead delegates through technical and physical countermeasures survey processes, from evaluating the threat and planning a survey, to conducting the physical and electronic inspection. Courses are geared towards hands-on experience using a wide selection of TSCM equipment including spectrum analysers, NLJD and cellular detection devices, and will involve practical scenarios for office and vehicle environments. The course is delivered by UK government trained TSCM operatives and covert entry specialists with 60+ years of accumulative experience.

In addition, we are always happy to produce bespoke TSCM training courses tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements.

Who should attend the TSCM Training Course?

Typically, delegates on the two-day introductory course include:

  • In-house security personnel
  • Security guards
  • Security controllers and security managers
  • Facilities managers
  • Close protection operatives.

The five-day advanced course is intended for:

  • TSCM engineers
  • Embassy security staff
  • Government agencies
  • Law enforcement
  • Close protection operatives
  • Corporate security officers.

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