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Shielded Room & RF Attenuation Testing

When the most sensitive of conversations and negotiations are taking place, a shielded room can provide you with the absolute assurances that you need. Tempest, secure speech, anti-bugging, whatever your requirement whether it’s for an existing structure or you’re considering an installation in a new build, let Esoteric guide you. Plus we offer independent RF attenuation testing that will test the effectiveness of new and existing shielded rooms.

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Shielded Rooms

Esoteric advises and supports clients on the creation of shielded rooms and containers. Constructed to protect against a variety of threats, we work with strategic partners to design solutions that will contain or eliminate the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI).

All shielded room requirements are bespoke to the express needs of the client and can be built to various performance specifications. Our capabilities include RF (Radio Frequency) shielded rooms, anechoic chambers, EMPP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse Protected) facilities, magnetic field shielding and TEMPEST shielding.

RF Attenuation Testing

It is important that shielded rooms, secure rooms and faraday cages are tested regularly to ensure their ongoing effectiveness. Esoteric provides independent RF attenuation testing services for existing and new room structures or containers, using the most modern field measuring instruments to verify the shielding effectiveness.

Our testing is carried out by our in-house staff and in-line with MIL-STD-285 and IEEE STD 299-2006.

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