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Information Security Strategy

The route to a more secure working environment starts with an information security strategy that reduces the impact of threats and improves business confidence, leaving you free to concentrate on core objectives and operations. Businesses need to look at their defences to see that their information is protected and employ a level of countermeasures appropriate to the risks and potential losses that they face.

By embarking on an information security strategy review, organisations can assess their current processes and consider ways in which a holistic approach to their security might enhance and support the overall objectives of the business.  Ultimately, having an effective information security strategy in place will help to protect your organisation’s assets, its profits and, perhaps most importantly, its reputation.

A converged Information Security Strategy approach

Esoteric believe in identifying appropriate ways in which all areas of security might work together to achieve greater protection of your confidential information and conversations, whilst at the same time achieving cost savings and improved efficiencies for the business as a whole.

We will help you to identify what information needs to be protected, whether it is trade secrets, financial data, business plans or intellectual property, and consider how much protection you are able to provide given the risk, budgets and resources.

A typical review will include:

  • An initial risk assessment

This will give you greater awareness of the challenges that face your organisation, whether it is the threat from competitors, insiders or emerging technologies, and determine the relative importance of each of these risks. Esoteric’s experience and knowledge in the counter espionage arena will ensure that all vulnerabilities, including current and future threats to your sensitive information, will be assessed.

  • Review of current security strategy

Once the threats to your organisation’s confidential information and conversations have been identified, we will review your current security strategies, policies, procedures and practices from a counter espionage and information security viewpoint.  Our unified approach will ensure that physical, technical and logical security is thoroughly assessed.

  • Practical recommendations

The outcome of the review will be a set of practical recommendations that will help you to prioritise areas for future security facilitation and spend.

By employing a converged approach, taking into consideration physical, technical and logical security we believe we can help you to implement an effective information security strategy and reduce your organisation’s overall risk.

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