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Electromagnetic Egress Security Review

Businesses face unprecedented vulnerabilities in today’s busy city landscape, including those resulting from multi-occupancy buildings with common areas, busy foyers and party walls. Then there is the threat from outside your building – have you considered who the nearby cafes, hotels, restaurants and bars may be harbouring? Your organisation could be vulnerable to signal leakage or electromagnetic egress, leaving your critical information there for the taking. An inadequately secured Wi-Fi network can be an open door to the rest of the overall corporate network, undermining all the other aspects of network security already in place.

Designed to lower your risk and make your organisation and its critical information more secure, Esoteric’s Electromagnetic Egress Security Review allows you to understand how vulnerable your premises are to loss of information or attack from opportunistic Radio Frequency (RF) interception.

By surveying the RF environment around your premises, Esoteric can identify the vulnerabilities around the following potential vectors:

  • Wi-Fi access points – encrypted and unencrypted
  • PMR/site radios – security staff, facilities staff
  • Radio microphones – presentation suites, lecture theatres
  • Wireless presentation systems
  • Sensors – alarms, control systems
  • Leakage from computer displays, projectors and photocopiers

The Electromagnetic Egress Security Review is formed of two distinct parts:

1. Opportunity to attack

The first part of the review will assess the opportunities available to a potential attacker to initiate an attack in relation to the proximity of your premises, along with the potential time afforded to them to carry out such an attack.

A visual survey of key locations around the perimeter of your premises, including the four cardinal faces/corners, party premises, high footfall locations (cafes/parks) and any accessible foyers or common areas, would be identified and assessed in terms of offering clear proximity and adequate time to infiltrate potential emissions from your premises.

2. RF egress review

An RF spectral technical survey, up to 6GHz, would then be undertaken at a number of the key locations, in order to identify and access any signals emanating from the premises including Wi-Fi, broadcasts, sensors, microphones, telephones and site radios.

The Electromagnetic Egress Security Review will consider the following areas:

  • Vulnerability: How susceptible/exposed your building is
  • Detection: A list of signals of interest (SOIs) detected from key areas will be highlighted and tested
  • Measure: A measure of signal strengths (e.g. how strong, how much, how often, how far way, etc)
  • Locate: An assessment of the origin of the SOIs
  • Classify: Classification and prioritisation of SOIs
  • Compare: A comparison of SOIs with any ‘friendly’ list from previous TSCM activity or ‘known’ list from the client
  • Exploit: Can we connect? What information can we obtain?
  • Assess: An assessment of how impactful any exploit might be
  • Recommend: Recommendations on measures to reduce EM egress for highest priority signals

Our TSCM engineers combine technical expertise and on-the-ground experience to provide you with the most comprehensive EM Egress assessment so you can safeguard against threats and ensure preparedness. Our Electromagnetic Egress Security Review services will help strengthen your information security program.

For more information of our Electromagnetic Egress and Signal Leakage reviews, contact us today.

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