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Cyber Espionage Response & Digital Forensics

For an organisation to operate effectively, it is imperative that its IT assets are used properly and in the interests of the organisation. However, what happens when these assets are misused or exploited? Esoteric offers a cyber espionage response, review and digital forensic service, designed to investigate actual and possible cyber espionage incidents within your organisation and provide you with the information to take remedial action quickly and efficiently.

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Cyber Espionage Incident Response

Our cyber espionage services can provide valuable insight into the cyber activities within your organisation and it can help you gain evidence of unauthorised behaviour and ultimately address any problems.
Each investigation is different but the following areas will typically be examined:

Computer systems will be reviewed to see if:

  • Malware is infecting the devices
  • Spyware and Trojans are siphoning off your data
  • Key loggers or other physical devices attached to computers are stealing data
  • Bluetooth or other wireless technologies are copying data covertly
  • Email has been used to send data to unauthorised third parties

 Wireless network security will be examined to see:

  • What wireless systems are in use and being accessed
  • How secure the wireless network is
  • How network access points are configured
  • Who is attaching to the network are they all authorised?
  • How the network access management is controlled
  • What firewall and similar protective measures are in place

Wired network security will be examined to see:

  • How the network is used
  • What physical and logical security measures are in place such as firewalls and DMZs
  • How secure the outbound connection to the internet is
  • Who manages the network and what measures are in place to control their activity
  • Use of unauthorised cloud based services

Smartphone and mobile devices will be reviewed to see:

  • Who is using devices that are connected to company resources or accessing email
  • How secure these devices are and could they have been compromised
  • How secure your phone voice data is and could it have been compromised

Websites and external company interfaces will be examined and:

  • Where appropriate a penetration test conducted to see how well configured these websites are and uncover any major security flaws or points of entry for a hacker
  • Websites and social media feeds reviewed to understand if access has been compromised.

Digital Forensic Investigations

Where necessary computers, smart phones and other devices can be forensically examined to gain further evidence of espionage activity and when evidence of cyber espionage is found we will work with you to collect evidence, address the risk and solve the problem.
Digital forensics investigations can play a key role in protecting an organisation’s intellectual property. It can provide valuable insight into activities by individuals within an organisation and ultimately gather evidence.
All data extracted will be reported on, providing a paper trail of evidence which adheres to current ACPO Good Practice Guides for computer-based electronic evidence to ensure that any evidence collected is admissible in court.

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