How to Protect Your Confidential Information During Covid-19

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How to Protect Your Confidential Information During Covid-19


The period of lockdown for millions of people around the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic is having a major impact on many aspects of daily life.  Many businesses have been forced to close their premises and ask employees to work from home, as only Critical National Infrastructure work and associated key workers are permitted to maintain their operations while adhering to local guidelines and regulations.

While the negative effects on economies and business health have been highlighted over recent weeks, one which is not getting the same attention but is potentially devastating for many organisations is the impact on information confidentiality.  Esoteric Ltd, counter-espionage specialists with over 20 years of global experience, are taking steps to increase awareness of the threats posed by lockdown on information security, and to help organisations to mitigate the risks to their confidential information and intellectual property at this time. Striving to both support our client base and to help organisations which may not be in a position to be able to access professional security officers, we are publishing a series of educational and advisory resources entitled ‘How to Protect Your Confidential Information During Covid-19’ over the coming weeks.

The first in the series ‘Recommendations for locked-down offices & sites’ is released today, 29 April 2020, and is available as a free download. Drawing on the expertise of the Esoteric team, the practical guide is aimed primarily at security officers and covers the ways to prevent the planting of eavesdropping devices, how to conduct limited searches to identify illicit eavesdropping devices, and finally what to do should an eavesdropping device be found. Security/facilities directors and managers and those responsible for tasking and managing security officers may find this guide to be useful in ensuring their physical security strategy is fit for purpose at a time when many offices and sites are empty and are potentially vulnerable to attack.

Over the coming weeks, three further guides will be released. The next is entitled ‘How to work safely & securely from home’ and will be released in two formats – one for the employer, and one suited to be shared with employees. The third is a look at how security professionals should assess and plan a return to offices as lockdown measures are eased.

The range of ‘How to Protect Your Confidential Information During Covid-19’ guides can be accessed here.

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