What are the benefits of having a proactive TSCM strategy?

//What are the benefits of having a proactive TSCM strategy?

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What are the benefits of having a proactive TSCM strategy?


Consideration of corporate espionage and its effects should be an integral part of risk management and the business strategy. To be in the position whereby an organisation can promote the fact that it has considered every eventuality is a pro-active move that will not only ensure corporate compliance but will assist new business acquisition from increasingly security-conscious corporate clients as well as offering an additional level of comfort to existing clients.

6 Benefits of TSCM at a Glance

  1. Prevention
    The potential loss and reputational damage that an information breach might incur can far outweigh the cost of implementing a proactive TSCM strategy. Prevention is better than cure.
  2. Best Practice 
    Having a proactive TSCM program in place demonstrate a best practice approach which will reassure board members, clients, supply chain and stakeholders.
  3. Corporate Compliance and Corporate Responsibility

    The duty to identify and manage regulatory risk is a key requirement of today’s board and a proactive TSCM program will assist organisations in achieving compliance around the protection of its information.

  4. Enhanced Security 
    A TSCM program will detect and report on physical security weaknesses or inadequacies that would allow your premises to be technically or physically penetrated, this enhancing the overall security of the organisation.
  5. Deterrent
    Having overt counter-surveillance policies in place can act as a deterrent to thieves, competitors and errant employees.

  6. Peace of Mind
    Having a proactive TSCM program in place will provide you with peace of mind that your conversations and information will remain confidential and allow you to concentrate on business as usual.

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