Counter-Surveillance Solutions for VIPs

//Counter-Surveillance Solutions for VIPs

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Counter-Surveillance Solutions for VIPs


VIP clients demand the highest quality, bespoke solutions.

When anonymity and security are paramount, providing a full spectrum of appropriate security services is essential in ensuring your VIP clients enjoy the very high level of privacy they demand.

Esoteric Ltd can deliver a range of services that will help in reassuring VIP clients that the integrity of their information and conversations is high on your list of priorities. These include:

  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) / Bug sweeping
    Private residences, offices and hotel suites can be swept with the very latest, specialist search equipment and finger-tip physical searches, ensuring that  VIP environments are free from illicit eavesdropping devices. Aircraft, vehicles and yachts can also be swept.
  • Espionage Awareness & Threat Briefings
    Tailored to suit each client’s requirement, briefings will provide VIPs, their families, or their security personnel, with an understanding of the current threat from modern day espionage. Espionage Awareness and Threat Briefings will address the risks to the individual from espionage; how espionage is conducted and by whom; and will provide practical mitigation techniques that should be implemented in order to protect against espionage.
  • Solar, Safety and Security Window Films
    The installation of the specialist window film can provide a number of security benefits to VIPs including privacy, protection from eavesdropping interception and bomb blast protection.
  • Covert Surveillance
    Using sophisticated communication equipment, photographic imagery equipment and specialist vehicles, on the ground covert surveillance teams are trained to gathering information, ensuring that if necessary evidence is admissible in court or tribunals.

In offering a range of bespoke security services, not only are you able to demonstrate that you take your clients security seriously, it can help to differentiate your business venue offering.

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